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  1. Aliyah Boston, Laeticia Amihere, Brea Beal and Aubrey Griffin still yet to visit!! Haven't heard about anyone else!!!
  2. Was told Ashanti Abshaw will visit after 5/13.. Dawn does want she and Howard..
  3. Still have not heard confirmation on Amber Ramirez visit... When are you gonna get Frank Martin off his ass.. If he misses on all these instate studs, it will be a disgrace
  4. The thing I know about the 2019s is Haley Jones, Brea Beal, Samantha Brunelle and Aliyah Boston top the list
  5. You can't talk serious ball with some of our fans... Cliney is not a baller.. Kiki should have started for her most of the season...
    Howard is now following our staff on twitter.. The forward from Oregon has to sit out.. I am hearing 2 grad xfers... Howard would be perfect solution to our issues at the 3 spot..

    Williams and Ododa should have both been Gamecocks.. Williams is good enough to start anywhere.. but Ododa could get stuck as a backup just like Azura Stevens..
  6. Gotta it just me or do you get tired of some of these guys on here? Some of them are so clueless and have very little understanding. I’ve gotta feeling coach Staley is gonna have a huge 2019 class. The National. Championship will impact this class moreso than 2018. I still smh when I see Nelson-Ododa dunk at the McDonalds game. She would have been perfect at our place. Oh well.
  7. Been quiet on my end. I have heard we would be in it with Howard. I really like her. Haven’t heard any other names. I really want Howard and a big. Could be a grad transfer that hasn’t gone public. I did think maybe the 6’3 F that left Oregon could be a possibility. I figure Law recruited her when she was at Tennessee.
  8. Hear we have a good shot with Anriel Howard and one other grad transfer.. No one knows the other name yet... What have you heard?
  9. How do you think Olivia Ododa will react when Ezi Megbegor signs with UCONN.. Remember she didn't want to attend the same school as Charlie Collier.. Texas steals Collier.. Ododa jumps on the gravy train... Now they will add a better post than both Ododa and Collier... This really tickles me...
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