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Order 66 01-07-2014 08:45 PM

Bigfoot killed

or one of the Lord of the Rings characters, or a treasure troll....difficult to tell.

Cockypantherfan 01-07-2014 09:36 PM

Re: Bigfoot killed
So bad haha

WayzUp 01-07-2014 09:53 PM

Re: Bigfoot killed
RIP Hog's girlfriend

TheMule 01-07-2014 09:58 PM

Re: Bigfoot killed
Timmy Peeler kilt him when he poked him too hard with that stick.

IslandCock 01-07-2014 10:04 PM

Re: Bigfoot killed
Think I saw that guy at a recent Phish show in Rochester.

Acockolypse Now 01-08-2014 01:29 AM

Re: Bigfoot killed
Seems legit.

M.C. 01-08-2014 01:32 AM

Re: Bigfoot killed
hahahahaha wow

really? some people

cocky0 01-08-2014 11:59 AM

Re: Bigfoot killed
And all the guy wanted was some beef jerky.

usc90grad 01-08-2014 12:19 PM

Re: Bigfoot killed
Well I guess that show Finding Bigfoot will go off the air now.

uscbrasco 01-08-2014 12:38 PM

Re: Bigfoot killed

Order 66 01-08-2014 02:13 PM

Re: Bigfoot killed
The funny thing is, this is the same guy who claimed to have killed bigfoot, and kept him frozen for people to come and see. It turned out to be a frozen ape suit. Now he's doing it all over again, claiming the first one to be a joke he was pulling on everyone. This guy defines the word moron.

trapper82 01-08-2014 03:41 PM

Re: Bigfoot killed
Why does Bigfoot look like Harry and the Hendersons?

Lonnie 01-08-2014 03:55 PM

Re: Bigfoot killed

Originally Posted by WayzUp (Post 4051746)
RIP Hog's girlfriend

Huh. I thought it was that tater who posted a pic of his wife's harry lip on taternet...

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