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Cockhornleghorn 01-18-2014 11:11 PM

Some history that explains why I support Frank Martin
Frank took Kansas State to the Elite Eight. Kansas State has a decent basketball history, but they aren't what I would call a traditional power by any stretch of the imagination. Now, even with my extremely optimistic nature, I doubt Frank will have the same success at USC that Dean Smith and Coach K have had, I do think we should pay attention to the parallels.

The difference compared to Horn is that Martin had multiple successful years at K-State.

Here is some history about some very successful coaches:

Jan. 7, 1965

Perhaps the lowest moment for the coach who would go on to win the most games in college basketball history comes shortly after midnight as the Tar Heels return to the North Carolina campus after last night's 107-85 loss at Wake Forest, their fourth consecutive defeat.

As the team bus pulls up in front of Woollen Gym, Dean Smith and his 6-6 team see about 100 students across the street. Other students are leaning out of their windows. In front of the gym, a dummy is hanging from a noose. "Look, they're hanging you in effigy," says assistant coach Ken Rosemond to Smith. The fourth-year coach stares straight ahead, not displaying any emotion. "I could tell it was me because of its long nose," Smith will write later.
You're an athletic director at an emerging college basketball powerhouse. You have a coach in his mid-30s who hasn't won after three years; in fact, he's nine games under .500 and making you look bad. And this coach, you hired him based on a friend's recommendation after he came from a school (Army) known a hundred-fold more for its honor and heritage than its hoops. By the way, said coach was a mundane 73-59 at his previous gig -- coming off a 9-17 season.

GregoryHouse 03-27-2017 01:00 PM

Re: Some history that explains why I support Frank Martin
: )

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