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USCBatgirl21 01-22-2014 09:43 PM

100 Reasons Why College Baseball is Better than College Football

Lots of gems in this.

15- There is no Steve Spurrier, but we DO have Jim Toman.
Ive been in press conferences with coach Spurrier and the college football media fawns all over this dude. But Im pretty sure hes a smarmy prick. Meanwhile, if you want real down home corn pone warmth and comedy, spend a few minutes with Libertys Jim Toman. When he saw me at Worthington Stadium a few years ago, in between innings he said, Im pretty sure youre the one bringing me all this bad luck today. Thanks a lot.
Of course, then his team came from behind to beat VMI that day. Talking to coach Toman after the game was a hoot. He seemed genuine and of course, hilarious. He was also very gracious for the coverage. Which reminds me

34- The Palmetto Rivalry is now three games.
South Carolina-Clemson finally came to their senses and play three games, one at a neutral site. A rivalry at the top of college baseball nowadays.

78- The Davids are given the opportunity to knock of the Goliaths in the post-season.
In the last two years weve seen these small conference clubs eliminate big brother programs:
And in 2013 we got this:
- Liberty eliminated Clemson

And extra comments he asked for...
- DCO wrote:
The Drover is a great reason. SEC bat girls is another one.

Yes we SEC Batgirls are AWESOME!!! Even in retirement.

catdaddy66 01-23-2014 06:26 PM

Re: 100 Reasons Why College Baseball is
"I'm Batgirl!" Lol

There is only one Batgirl...

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