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Spurticus 02-08-2014 08:32 AM

Best Hair Band Tiebreaker Poll: #6 seed RATT or POISON
This is just a simple tiebreaker poll to determine each of these bands final
seeding. Vote for your favorite between these two bands:



Spurticus 02-08-2014 09:23 AM

Re: Best Hair Band Tiebreaker Poll: #6 seed RATT or POISON
May piss off some of the younger members of Cockytalk with this opinion,
but it's what I feel. Poison came along near the end (or the decline) of the
Hair Metal craze. Like Disco music in the 70s, the early artists I could
Stomach. New Sound, New Look, Something "Different". The Bee Gees
were an established act that got re-energized with DISCO, and were said
to be "The Godfathers" of Disco Music. KC and the SUNSHINE Band were
right behind them, and had some good music if you wanted to listen to
something different. HOWEVER, it very quickly became a media driven
Nightmare. It was being played by every single radio station across the
country and every single genre on the radio had it's version of Disco
influence during the 70s and it was way WAY overplayed. By the end of
the 70s and the Disco fad, everyone wanted it to just DIE and GO AWAY.

This matchup is a mirror image of Disco in the 70s. RATT was one of the
first bands to get on the roller-coaster started by Quiet Riot and Motley
Crue. Their one BIG HIT was a big one indeed, and they quickly became
a fan favorite of that genre. Poison however came along near the end
of that Hair Metal fad and by then, most of the young fans that started
with it, or most of the fans (like myself) that found the early days of it
OK for a change, were just ready for it to GO ! .... some of the 15-17
year olds at the time Poison came along went crazy over them, and
they became the Poster Band for Hair Metal. ... To me, they symbolized
everything that people had grown tired of with Hair Metal and that was
the lasting impression they left on the older / more mature fans.

If I had to pick ONE Hair Metal band that I disliked the most, I would
select Poison. IMO, they were the image of all the "yuck" that Hair
Metal had become.

I picked RATT in this matchup

usc90grad 02-08-2014 10:00 AM

Re: Best Hair Band Tiebreaker Poll: #6 seed RATT or POISON
Not even close.....RATT

Acockolypse Now 02-08-2014 03:53 PM

Re: Best Hair Band Tiebreaker Poll: #6 seed RATT or POISON
Poison was awful.

They auditioned Slash at guitar and said no because he wasn't "pretty" enough.

Ratt kicked ass.

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