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ShutTheSuccop 03-16-2014 08:26 PM

Prayer request
Well I have had a horrible afternoon. I came home from grocery store and somehow my dog got out unbeknownst to me...I get a call from my across the street neighbor that my dog was in her backyard in extreme pain. I run over there (he visits there often as he loves their dog) and he is yelping like I have never seen him yelp before. It was obvious that he was injured and could not put any weight on his right front leg. He is an eighty pound golden retriever so moving him was difficult but I finally get him into the car and go to emergency vet. I could not tell if he had separated his shoulder or fractured his leg. After X-ray, it turns out he has complete fracture of humerus (upper leg bone). But when they looked at X-ray, they are concerned that the fracture was potentially due to bone cancer as the bone looks different. They have stabilized the poor guy for the night, but tomorrow we meet with the local orthopedic surgeon to see if he thinks the legs can be salvaged through surgery if there is no cancer there...we are hopeful as no metastasis was seen in lung films. The emergency vet said that we should consider amputation if there is any chance of cancer.

I just feel awful because he got out when I opened the door. I know that there are many true tragedies in the world but if you can, say a little prayer for my dog that we can get him comfortable and healthy, whatever the treatment may be...he is a great dog and friendly to anyone he has ever met and just loves life. He always is there to greet you at the door when you come home and will curl up with you when you are sick...I just wish I was there for him

USCBatgirl21 03-16-2014 08:27 PM

Re: Prayer request
Peace be with you.

We've only had our kitten, Skitters, since Christmas, but we'd be lost without her. Pets are family.

Spurrier_Superior_One 03-16-2014 08:40 PM

Re: Prayer request
Hope everything goes well and he recovers quickly

JerseyBird 03-16-2014 08:43 PM

Re: Prayer request
Yeah pets are definitely family and Goldens are great dogs. Hope all goes well and that you don't have to make the tough decisions (we've had to several times and it always sucks)

The Yancey 03-16-2014 08:57 PM

Re: Prayer request
I am down with your pup getting well. What is his name?

taylorssc 03-16-2014 09:09 PM

Re: Prayer request
I hate it for you. Keeping you guys in my thoughts.

myrtsmom 03-16-2014 09:43 PM

Re: Prayer request
Hoping for the best for your four-legged buddy. My dogs are basically my kids and I know how worried you must be. Let us know how he progresses.

ShutTheSuccop 03-16-2014 09:56 PM

Re: Prayer request
Thanks all...his name is rusty

markymark550 03-16-2014 10:20 PM

Re: Prayer request
Hoping for the best for Rusty. Sorry that he and you have to go through this.

b381l 03-16-2014 11:43 PM

Re: Prayer request

Originally Posted by ShutTheSuccop (Post 4114705)
Thanks all...his name is rusty

I wish the best for Rusty and your whole family.

Acockolypse Now 03-17-2014 12:35 AM

Re: Prayer request
Dogs are family man.

I love the joke about unconditional love. It goes like this: If you ever wonder who loves you more, take your dog and your wife and put them in the trunk of your car for three hours. After that, open the trunk. Which one is happy to see you?

I'll be thinking about you guys and praying for your little buddy.

ACPhilson 03-17-2014 12:37 AM

Re: Prayer request
Man that sucks. Hope he gets better.

Cocklover 03-17-2014 09:05 AM

Re: Prayer request
You have my prayers.

ShutTheSuccop 03-17-2014 09:06 AM

Re: Prayer request
well we got the news I was fearing the most. The orthopedic does not recommend surgery to repair the fracture leg b/c he felt 99.9% sure it was secondary to osteosarcoma. He has recommended that we consider either amputation of the leg with chemotherapy with a prognosis of 6-13 months tops or we consider euthanasia. I don't know what to do in this is not a concern in terms of either option but I don't want to put him through the pain of surgery and chemo if it will not prolong his life but on the other hand I am not ready to say goodbye. I want to make the best decision for him as opposed to what is best for me...

Any guidance would be appreciated....anyone who has been through this please let me know. Working today is going to be a nightmare. I am going to meet with the vet at 5 pm so that I can be away from the office when I have a complete breakdown

FurmanCock 03-17-2014 09:23 AM

Re: Prayer request
There is no right answer here, just try to do what you feel is best for your dog. My heart is breaking for your pain right now. My wife and I have two dogs, and this is my worst fear -- this decision. One other thought, I see you are in TN -- UT has a pretty good vet program with a medical center. You might want to touch base with their small animal hospital and see if there are any additional treatment options. They might be working on something cutting edge, that you're local vet just isn't in the loop on yet.

Ultimately it's a quality of life decision. Do you think your dog can enjoy more time with you and your family after the surgery? Whatever you decide, your dog will know how much you love him.

Cockypantherfan 03-17-2014 09:24 AM

Re: Prayer request
Really sorry to hear about this. Stay strong man.

The Yancey 03-17-2014 09:25 AM

Re: Prayer request
Damn. I'll be with you at 5:00.

markymark550 03-17-2014 09:26 AM

Re: Prayer request
So sorry to read this update. Thoughts are with you.

The'Boose2001 03-17-2014 09:46 AM

Re: Prayer request
My prayers are especially with you, but your family and pet as well. May your animal be found safe without any harm.


ccured 03-17-2014 11:25 AM

Re: Prayer request
Sorry to hear this. I have a shar pei that is 12 and I fear the decision. She has already outlived the average. Prayers to you and rusty

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