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the_ultimatethrill 03-30-2014 05:20 AM

Carolina vs UNC
Just watched the press conferences for both teams and I must say I am so pumped up for this game. I getting the feeling that our ladies are taking this game very personal. Ms. Coates looks destined to place her mark on this series esp given the game she had last time out. I almost get the feeling that UNC is a little over confident and the feeling they have is that we are going to make this mistake of only being focused on stopping Diamond. I think the key to this game is to not worry so much about Diamond as much as controlling what you can control. The mistake I see teams make on them and Diamond spoke to this is being so focused on stopping her that you forget the other talent on the team. I think we have to play sound defensive basketball and establish the post early. If I am Dawn I'm telling Tiffany to pick her spots. I feel we are at our best when she allows the game to come to her no matter when that happens we are a better team versus when she is hard pressed to establish herself. I look for Ms. Welch to get established early and Ms. Mitchell to be the force down the stretch. I would also love to see us go to Ms. Gaines early and often as a disruptive force to be up in Diamond's face so that we can leave the other four players guarded. I say limit Diamond but don't make the game plan just about her and we will be okay.
Go Cocks!!!

Cockhornleghorn 03-30-2014 12:57 PM

Re: Carolina vs UNC
I think it is a big advantage that we've been on the West Coast for a week already and UNC is still adjusting. Not only that, we played one of our worst games against them in December and are ready to show them the real Carolina.

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