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The Yancey 04-02-2014 05:09 PM

Amazon Fire TV
The Fire TV's focus on gaming goes well beyond current streaming devices like the Apple TV, Chromecast and Roku's boxes. The included Bluetooth remote will be capable of playing some games, but Fire Game Controller allows for a more game console-like experience. Amazon is working with several developers, including Sega, EA, and Disney, in addition to mobile game developers, to populate its game library, which Amazon claims will be in the thousands. Amazon Game Studies will also be developing games for the Fire TV, including a third-person shooter called Sev Zero.

markp_vip 04-02-2014 06:07 PM

Re: Amazon Fire TV
The voice control sounds pretty cool if it works as advertised.

Captain9Dragons 04-02-2014 08:03 PM

Re: Amazon Fire TV
i will probably give it a wack

(prob better than connecting the laptop to get netflix)

gamecock88 04-18-2014 08:26 PM

Re: Amazon Fire TV
Interesting. I may try it soon after they update the apps. Already running Roku 3 and a chromecast.

roosterdude21 04-18-2014 10:04 PM

Re: Amazon Fire TV
Cool. Does it stream Time4Popcorn?

uscGRAD04 04-18-2014 10:43 PM

Re: Amazon Fire TV
Love the Gary Busey commercial

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