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GregoryHouse 04-25-2014 08:51 PM

Welp, Guess I will watch this too...
I am sure if this was the year 2009, this show would have been rejected by the networks and found its way to Showtime or HBO.....and it would be much better for it...but I will still give it a chance..I believe the network will neuter the hell out of it

maybe the season dvds (if it survives) will have the uncut versions with violence, swearing and nudity...but that still will not address the way the series may have to change storylines and dark moments in order to appeal to that network audience...ABC won't let it have episodes of just character work or just meandering that colors in the background and "builds the shows universe"

I like networks well enough for serial comedies and sports but I'd rather basic cable, premium cable or Netflix for this type of show... ultimate fear is that this show will go from promising idea to over simplified mass-produce trash just because of the place it calls home.

...oh yeah, almost forgot to mention. I am talking about "Crossbones"

Acockolypse Now 04-25-2014 10:58 PM

Re: Welp, Guess I will watch this too...
Where's Johnny Depp?

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