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Spurticus 06-29-2014 05:36 PM

OK, let's kick this thing off.
I was going to start this a couple of weeks ago, but some unexpected
incidents within the family kept me from getting the ball rolling on it.

We will begin taking nominations for the tourney. We're looking at a fairly
large number of seeds so we'll do two rounds of nominations to break up
the seeding, and to keep people from over riding votes at the last day
before we close the nominations. It's a good way to mix things up for
the seedings as well. We'll TRY to keep it as simple as possible, but some
major guidelines / rules will need to be set. We'll start with your nominations
from a simple list of what you think are the 10 best one hit wonders
of all time. From this first round, we'll talley the total votes and get our
first round of seeds, and then run a second round of nominations the
following week. You can resubmit any artists that you voted for the first
round that didn't make the top round of seeds or post a whole new list
of 10. ....... Let's start with the rules as follows:

* Simply list 10 songs and the artists that you think are the best one hit
wonders ever recorded. If you list a song without the artist, or vice versa
that vote will not be counted.

* For this tournament, ONE HIT WONDER will be defined as a song by a
band or artist that broke the top 40 and defined the artist, and that artist
never had another song that made the Top 40 again. ... OR, a band or
artist of one genre that "crossed over" and had a single top 40 hit in
another genre, while possibly having several hit songs in the other genre.

* The Tournament will be open for ALL GENRES. (Rock, Rap, Country,
R&B etc.....)

* The Tournament will be a 32 artist Tournament, so we will get our
first 16 seeds from the first round of nominations starting tomorrow, and
our second round of nominations to begin a week from tomorrow, will set
our 17-32 seeds.

* We're not going to be TOO strict on checking out artists or hits to see
if they only had one song ever in the Top 40, but any obvious / well
known artists with more than the song nominated in the Top 40 will cause
the vote to be rejected.

Start thinking about who you would like to list first, and we will open up
round one of the nominations in the morning around 6:am

All times are GMT -4. The time now is 01:42 AM.

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