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The Yancey 07-05-2014 10:59 AM

July 4 holiday cooking
What you got? A long weekend leaves lots of time for cooking. This is what I have been doing.

I kicked it off Wednesday with black pepper and blue cheese smoked sausages. I cut them in half lengthwise, put them in buns, made up some broccoli Cole slaw, pita chip cups with dips, mixed olives, and bourbon marinated and grilled peaches.

Since I did dogs on Wednesday I did burgers on Thursday. It was storming so I had to cook inside. I got meatloaf grillers from Publix. They mix half of their in house meatloaf with half ground chuck and form into patties. They are very large and a half patty was all we needed each. I added additional seasonings and fried them over heat in come rendered bacon fat. I wanted the outside blackened but the inside mostly uncooked. After draining I made a braising liquid of beef broth, Dijon mustard, Worseshitonfire sauce, tomato paste, and the red wine we would be drinking, an Elki Syrah. I let the burgers finish cooking in that over a bare simmer. Meanwhile I made a bacon grease sauteed mushroom Bearnaise sauce and some 5 cheese garlic bread. I placed some diced tomato, chopped red onion, and the crumbled bacon on the toast. The burgers went on top of that and the mushroom sauce covered all. I served that with some of the leftover slaw, Alexia tater tots, and a fresh tomato slice marinated in a Caesar dressing and topped with fresh basil and avocado and a slice of Buffalo mozzarella. I ran that under the broiler to bubble up the cheese a bit.

I made strawberry shortcakes for dessert. Instead of my usual Italian ones made with red wine I made this with this ale. It was a lighter effervescent version that was nice on such a hot and muggy day.

On Friday I was too busy with fireworks and such and prepping the food for Saturday so I didn't cook much. Curly's roast beef was on BOGO at Publix as well as a good variety of mashed taters. Heated the beef in the leftover mushroom sauce. I added some bread, and Old Bay seasoned roasted asparagus and spinach dip. More strawberry shortcake.

So what is it I am doing today? Ribs it is! I had a couple of racks of good St. Louis style ribs in the freezer. Thawed them and rubbed them and they are now doing a 3-2-1 in the smoker. That is 3 hours of smoke (I am using cherry wood), 2 hours in foil with a some of this liquid, and an hour back open in the smoker to firm back up. I'll let yo know how it turns out. What are y'all eating?

Cockypantherfan 07-05-2014 11:19 AM

Re: July 4 holiday cooking
I ate pizza...

But tonight or tomorrow we are going to hit the grill. Haven't decided what to grill yet but maybe burgers, steak, or BBQ chicken and have some grilled vegetables with it.

86 GradCock 07-05-2014 11:44 AM

Re: July 4 holiday cooking
Yesterday was pork tenderloin marinated in soy, oil, garlic, red wine vinegar and dry mustard; grilled to a nice medium rare to medium. We had corn casserole and caesar salad with the pork and a spinach hummus dip for the app. The ladies had pina coladas by the pool before dinner and the men had Sierra Nevada pale ale and Longboard ale before, during and after the meal.

Today will be teriyaki and lime salmon on the grill with roasted red taters, grilled zucchini/ tomato skewers and a beet salad. Key lime pie for dessert. Haven't decided on drinks. Suggestions?

HeadCockFan 07-05-2014 02:33 PM

Re: July 4 holiday cooking
My first 4th away from the South. I was depressed about it, so I ordered Chinese in defiance. Turns out this Chinese place is amazing. I had a huge combo platter with some Bud heavy, and I gotta say, it was a great way to celebrate America.

Today headed to a friend's place for burgers on charcoal. Adding honey and Sriracha to the meat, topped with cucumber and cilantro and mayo.

Tomorrow doing Dutch Oven pork shoulder for some pulled meat and cornbread.

Bud heavy for the kitchen area.

cocksfan4ever 07-05-2014 04:36 PM

Re: July 4 holiday cooking
Grilled dogs and Salty Dogs.

ccured 07-05-2014 05:02 PM

Re: July 4 holiday cooking
It was my dad's birthday. I ate all beef natural casing hot dogs, ring bologna, kielbasa, and baby back ribs. There was some pasta salad with salami in it. Not for me. Chocolate cake and lemon pie for desert.

roosterdude21 07-05-2014 06:23 PM

Re: July 4 holiday cooking
Makes me sooo hungry

MB_Gamecock 07-05-2014 08:41 PM

Re: July 4 holiday cooking
Yesterday, hotdogs on the grill. Some browned, some burnt to a perfect crisp.
Tonight, lowcountry bowl with crawdads.

ultimatetailgater 07-09-2014 11:02 AM

Re: July 4 holiday cooking

Ya these things are amazing.

TheMule 07-09-2014 09:22 PM

Re: July 4 holiday cooking
Made about 3 pounds of beef hash and ate every bite myself.

The Yancey 07-14-2014 09:34 AM

Re: July 4 holiday cooking
This is what they looked like plated.

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