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sunbeam 08-31-2014 02:03 PM

Central Florida from last year
Trying to figure out what I think of Elliott.

I read a thread about him on another board (or maybe this one?), where someone claimed it was his idea to go to the power running out of the I in the second half, and convinced Spurrier to do it.

Now you read lots on the internet. I always assumed it was Spurrier's idea, but actually this fits too. And I really can't think of any time since he has been at Duke that he has done this. It was really out of character. And effective.

Anyone know anything about that situation? So far I am impressed with his recruiting, intensity, and the fact that his guys seem to want to play for him.

He also appears to be of interest to other schools, though I've seen negative posts about that as well (that Alabama interview).

I am not thrilled by our OL production, but maybe we are putting a square peg into a round hole having him as OL coach, and he would do a lot better somewhere else.

Though I can't really think of anyone who would be a good fit for what we try to do on offense, as regards an OL coach. Pass blocking is pass blocking, but what exactly are we trying to do with run blocking? I'm not sure I know. Seems like we are a zone blocking team mostly, with the back being the one to find the hole, but it is really hard to tell honestly.

kingofnerf 08-31-2014 04:59 PM

Re: Central Florida from last year
The blocking fullback and tailback setup worked the best with Dylan after Connor went down during that game.

It was like Moose and Emmitt.

We should do something like that rather than a single-back deal if the OL has blocking issues this year.

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