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SCohioBoy 09-02-2014 08:40 AM

A few thoughts
I always stay off CT after a loss for a few days. There are always they end of the world posters, a lot of the time it is the same few people, one only comes when bad things happen. But damn, this year is worse than normal.

Most everything about the game has been said. My biggest issue besides the big things was the fact that Dylan seemed to want the deep ball a lot. I wonder if this was for the fact we were playing from behind. Not sure, but one thing for sure is it was a typical Dylan game. Hot and cold moments. I think as the season goes on her will calm down and be a lot better.

I think one thing for sure is we will all look back at the end of this season, which I still think will be a very good one, and want to replay this game. The D is young and will improve over the course of the year, much like the LBs last year. TAM is a very good team, and after this past weekend I think them and Auburn are the two that stand out the as the best in the west.

One week at a time. It is time to regroup and take the frustration out on the Pirates.

PS, aggies GFTO, you have over stayed your welcome. You welcome ended the minute you stepped on the State House Steps. You won, you got a good team, now leave.

The Yancey 09-02-2014 08:49 AM

Re: A few thoughts
I agree. The combination of a bad loss, the opening game, and such high expectations brought out far more than than what we have seen in the usual tater and troll invasions. I wish that most of this would have been dealt with by Saturday. Whatever. Today is Tuesday however and we have a game Saturday. It is (past) time to focus on ECU. Hopefully with the holiday over the mods can repel this assault from the al tater terrorist network.

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