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GUNTRUCK06 09-03-2014 07:39 AM

Samsung S5 and bluetooth,
Just got the Samsung S5, great phone and like it over the old Motorola Razor we had last but having issues with the bluetooth function. My Dodge truck linked fine via bluetooth but the S5 doesnt' do so well. Also, have a bluetooth speaker that apparently isn't supported by Samsung bluetooth. Anyone else having issues or did i just set it up wrong? Is there a patch out there anywhere to fix bluetooth issues?

gamecock88 09-03-2014 08:35 AM

Re: Samsung S5 and bluetooth,
It's a known issue for many cars related to the s5. Mine connects to my 4runner JBL system for calls but doesn't get messages. Actually my first s5 would restart the radio/nav system when I received a text. Verizon replaced it under warranty and the new one doesn't even get the text to the car. Get the messages not retrieved error. Same with email. I think it will take an OS update to fix. Toyota offered to replace the radio and I was going to let them until I found all the stuff in the web about the issue with the phone. The only solution I saw was a new Bluetooth app that helps some people. It didn't for me. My Bluetooth portable speaker does work with the phone fine. Issue seems to be with car systems mainly.

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