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Default Re: Acock's Wrap Up: Clemson

When you look at the overall series records, consider these other problems which helped to contribute to our past troubles:

When the insane Ben Tillman came within a whisker of closing the school (and The Citadel), he had a special state tax created where all the money was sent to Clempson to improve the school and make it stronger and was set up as a military school, too. USC barely had enough money to stay operating and enrollment dropped to 62 students.

So in the first many years, Clempson was thriving, while USC was barely keeping its doors open. Strong advantage for Clempson.

Another dip came when we found we needed to leave the ACC (cowardly Clempson was suppose to drop out on the same day as us, but stabbed us in the back and did not follow through with their promise). As an independent, while we had a good team here and there and some good players, now and then, it was more difficult to recruit a kid when there were no potential conference championships for them to contend. Advantage Clempson.

One of our better coaches in those years was Coach Joe, of course. Some of our younger fans may not realize, but we were putting together a very nice recruiting class together when Morrison died the day before National Signing Day. When word got out, we lost almost all of our top recruits, It was almost like losing a year in recruiting and it really set our program back.

Although we did join the SEC in the early 1990's we were on a downhill slide under Sparky Woods and were in no condition to compete on an equal footing with most SEC teams as we were still playing with kids recruited here while we were Independent. We follow Woods up with Brad Scott. A decent recruiter, but a horrible coach. He led us into our worst stretch in history, the start of our 21 game losing streak which finished under Lou Holtz. Scott hurt our program so much, he was almost like our getting the Death Penalty. Strong advantage Clempson.

Holtz eventually brought us a glimpse of hope, but he did not want to coach any longer and lost his team, at the end. Even the hire of SOS, who brought us to this point, our best era of football, did not realize the scope of the problems he faced and admitted he almost walked away after having so much difficulty of changing our culture. Thank God he stayed.

Whenever he does call it quits, while I am not a fan of statues of coaches or players, the first thing Ray Tanner should do is name the field after him.
Williams-Brice, home of Steve Spurrier Field. It is the least we can do for him.
"So little time, so little to do." - Oscar Lavant

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