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Default Something I realized

I was thinking about the recent history of our football program, starting when Lou Holtz first came to the university, and I realized a trend that will continue to keep us "just right there."

By no means is this a bash on anyone. This is just a realization that has come to mind and how we are always "so close," but never get over the hump... Now, I do not know, or actually care of why anyone who gets a free ride to school for 4 years, doesn't take full advantage of that... I don't care to venture that way because I will never know why those men decide to leave early. Be it personal, financial, bordom, whatever... But, when I feel that we would be in a lot better place if some of our star athletes would have stayed just that 1 more year...

If Troy Williamson would have stayed his senior year, him and Sidney Rice would have done SO much damage. If sidney rice didn't leave early him and Mo Brown for 1 year, could have done amazing things... If Ko Simpson stayed his Senior year, our D would not have collapsed like it did in 2006... If Stephon Gilmore, Alshon Jeffery, and Tori Gurley stayed, 11-1 before the bowl game, maybe even in the SEC... If Ace Stayed, I believe we would have been undefeated... Again, I do not know, or care to know the reasons why these young men decided to leave early, but, I know that they are happy with their decisions.

Coach Spurrier encourages the boys to do what is right for them. That is always a great thing to know that your coach has your back! But it's like we are always stuck just that 1 step away from getting over with our amazingly talented position players, who has came in and made a name for themselves leave that 1 year early!

I know every school goes through this, and some deal with it better than others, and over the years, it has been proven that our team has handled the missing pieces very well... But it still begs the question: What if that missing piece was there? I can hear some of you know... "But what if they came back and get injured?" Well, what if they didn't get injured? What if, statistically speaking, that last year could have been their best, and helped their draft stock a little bit more?

But with all that said, this is what I believe... I believe that we will always be on the door step, as long as we have to re-up on the big names... With Victor and Jadeveon making the decision to leave early, and whoever else, it just makes it hard to actually find someone who wants to actually make it over the hump... This is my opinion, and I know some of yall will disagree with me, and some may, I don't care... this is what I feel is going to happen, until I am proven wrong... however they decide, May the Good Lord bless each and every one of those young men, and their families in the future. Forever Gamecocks!!!

Thats all... (sorry for being so long winded)

"Walk on. Walk on, with hope in your hearts, and YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE..."
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