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Default College Athletes

Hey guys, I don't know if I'm violating any rules but if I am sorry; but I just wrote a persuasive speech in my speech class on why college football players should be paid. Ill post it for y'all to see, and I can take some constructive criticism but I mainly want to hear yalls opinions on the subject and if you agree or disagree with my speech. Click on the link of the videos to watch them and the times of the video that I'm going to play for my actual speech are on there. This is the outline

Title: College Football Players: Should They Be Paid


I. Attention Getter: Eric Legrand. [] A nineteen year old; bringing in millions of dollars to Rutgers University. In fact Rutgers in that year made 52 million dollars from just their football team according to ESPN. Eric legrand played on that football team in 2008 when he was paralyzed and will never walk again. Marcus Lattimore [video :07-:31,:50-1:33] was the number one running back in the country coming out of high school and twice tore ligaments in his knee costing him millions of dollars from the draft. The team that Marcus Lattimore was on in 2012 brought in 80 million dollars in revenue according to southcarolina.247 sports.
II. Listener Relevance: Many of you if not all of you have watched a college football in your lifetime, and if you enjoy it as much as me you will spend all the money you have to watch your team play
III. Thesis: So today I want to tell you why college football players should be paid money not just scholarships
IV. Preview: I will show you the risks they take playing football, Why scholarships arenít enough, and the revenue football players bring in for the school.


A. First Main Point: The risks college football players take
a. As you saw in the two videos I showed two players; one Eric Legrand, and two Marcus Lattimore both suffered devastating injuries. One was paralyzed and the other tore a main knee ligament, then the next year tore 3 of the 4 main ligaments in one knee and dislocated his kneecap.
b. But the injuries can be worse. A pro football hall of famer Junior Seau received so many concussion throughout his career he developed something called CTE, which is something that develops in the brain from repeated blows to the head and causes impulsivity, forgetfulness, depression, [and] sometimes suicidal ideation according to Dr. Russell Lonser, chairman of the Department of Neurological Surgery at Ohio State University. Seau committed suicide in 2012 at the age of forty three leaving behind a wife and three kids. Yes playing pro football added to the disease but started while he was in college playing football
Transition: These young adults go through the possibility of these types of injuries to entertain us and bring in more money per year for their school than we will ever make. Yet they only get scholarships

B. Second Main Point: Why Scholarships arenít enough
a. They spend hours on hours a week practicing so they can provide good entertainment for us by winning.
b. With all that time spent practicing they are unable to work or bring in any type of paycheck
c. Most college football players come from a poor family that can barely provide for themselves much less give their kid who plays college football some money so he can buy some stuff for himself

Transition: The argument is invalid to say they get free school so thatís their pay because of the revenue college football players bring in for their school [video 0:00-1:15 ]

C. Third Main Point: The revenue college athletes bring in for their school
a. The best College Football program in the United States is the University of Alabama. In state tuition for one year according to Alabama is 24,606 dollars for in state. Out of State is 39,106. Most of their players are from out of state, so yes they do receive a lot of money from scholarships but, the football team brought in 124.5 million dollars in revenue in 2012.
b. University sell player jerseys for anywhere between 65-90 dollars, for example one of the greatest college football players ever Tim Tebowís jersey mostly contributed to the 6 million dollars the University of Floridaís athletic department made off of selling football Jerseys


I. Thesis Statement: Today, I showed you why college football players should receive more than just scholarships
II. Main Point Summary: I have showed you the risks college football players take for free, why scholarships arenít enough, and the revenue football players bring in
III. Activation of audience response- Maybe next time you watch a college football game, or you hear about a college football player obtain a life altering injury you think about why those young men should be paid
IV. Closure: College football players put their lives on the line week in and week out for our entertainment so maybe the next time you do hear about a major injury you can be the one to step up and explain why they should get paid
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