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Default Re: Defensive creativity

Originally Posted by Goofyboy View Post
Over and over our coaches emphasized the need to simplify schemes and pointed out how it worked. We used different alignments at times, but if you noticed, our breakdowns didn't occur when we didn't have people in place, but when they missed assignments and tackles, bit on fakes, got caught flatfooted, reached with arms instead of moving feet, took bad angles, and sometimes didn't stay stout enough to seal edges. A few times, they got outrun. They improved, but the coaches stated that simplifying things helped them do the key things better.
THIS X 1,000

During the Ellis Johnson era our defense was a nightmare at times.
Johnson didn't believe in Blitzing, but he believed in throwing up different
Secondary alignments, stunts up front and basically dropping LBs back
into coverage that pretty much took them out of run support. If you
remember, right after the Arkansas game in 2011, Spurrier publicly called
out Ellis Johnson, Whammy Ward and then Cornerback coach Shane
Beamer for using very complicated schems on defense and for having
too many coaches calling plays during the game. After Stephon Gilmore
told him that several times, the secondary was getting two different
calls for the same play. ...... Spurrier told the press that he got with
Coach Johnson and told him he wanted to simplify the secondary schemes
and have ONE coach calling the plays in. He said we need to get back to
basic coverage and let our talent go make plays. If you also remember,
our defense got MUCH better after that.

I personally think that's why Ellis Johnson left at the end of that season
and took the SM job. I think he was pissed because Spurrier told him to
change the defense publicly. We got rid of the Two DB coach system
and promoted Ward to DC for the Cap 1 bowl that year, and he hired
coach Grady Brown to coach the secondary during the winter.

It's OK to disguise coverages and fronts "OCCASIONALLY", but to do it
just to try to confuse the opponent too often does more harm than good.
KISS is the best policy for any part of your team. The less they have
to remember the better. Good athletes will do far better in simple sets
and allow them to improvise on the fly.

BTW.... All that shifting and throwing different set at us that Clemson
did the past few years, and all of that Simple sets we run ended up how ?

We've outscored them 155 to 71, have 9 picks, and 21 sacks. I'm not
in the mood to look up time of possession or total yardage, but you get
where I'm going. Our half decade of dominance over them should show
that it's better to enter a game with a simple game plan and to execute
it as closely to perfection as possible.
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