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Default Re: If Saban leaves, any guys we have a shot with?

i read we r in humpfries final 5 and sabin leaving along with auburns topple of the 3 peat and should we finish strong certainly would open the crack in the door abit. the major factor would likely be the coach bama hires. if he isn't sold on that guy then...

miller is said to be commenting on others he knows who may frip to us. given the connection there any uproot at bama could open the door for reconsideration. remember he has already demonstrated a willingness to switch committments. i am one who believes from day one we badly misplayed this one.. IMHO he should have been our #1 priority for all the reasons directly associated to him, his status as a local boy growing up a skip and a hop from our university, his status as the likely #1 rated prospect in OUR state, the life blood of any program is instate recruiting success. his status as a legacy and of one who ws an allamerican and all pro and who's father is a media personality so whtever emphasis we took to recruiting his son would be made public for every youngster and parent to hear. even prior to this episode we face a reputation as a school that doesn't do consistantly well in maintaining relationships, demonstrating value and apreciation for former players. has a fair amount of turnover amoust staff interfering with building long term relationships with HS HC, staff, and communities thus limiting the #, intensity and term of pipeline programs
to flip him would bring us an enomously talented player and send a message long and wide demonstrating our committment to local players and ongoing relationships with former players, HS coaches and communities etc..
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