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Default Re: USA Today put together a 64 team football playoff bracket

Yeah I would absolutely hate it if they did this and copied college basketball with the 64 team format. Granted I know it's far fetched they would ever try a 64 team tourney in football because of the number of games it would add. I already don't watch college basketball until February/March because what is the point? Average teams make the field so it's not much of an accomplishment (for most teams, at USC making the basketball tourney would be a big deal sadly). We could win 7 games and make a 64 team field. It would make winning the conference meaningless and devalue the regular season. As much as everyone hates the BCS and the BCS rules, the system worked as far as matching up the best two teams in the country against each other to play for the championship. After that it doesnt really matter anyway. It sucks they have the 2 team per conferenc rule, but at the end of the day that does not impact the national championship.
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