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Default Re: My Road Trip To Philly

Originally Posted by smoovecock View Post
To start out....I have had enough of snow for the rest of winter......I had to drive though the small blizzard they had up there Sunday...It took me almost 8 hours to get from DC to Philly...
I did have a nice trip for the most part...I visited a few sights I have not been to and really enjoyed some food inside the Beltway....Waaaaaay over priced but very good
In Philly I really enjoyed myself...Stayed right in the middle of the city and not only the shopping and historical sights are great so was the food...Also the folks up there are very very nice and helpful...Didn't come across one A Hole in Philly...
On top of all of that while in an Italian eatery I ran into a fellow Letterman....Michael Ferrell, he was a running back in the 70s, he played along with others Jeff Grantz...I was wearing my ring and he noticed it and struck up a conversation...We had a couple of drinks and had some laughs...He is doing very well for himself as he has had a law practice in NJ and PA. for some years now..
One other nugget before I go....I met a fellow Gamecock Alumi in the Chiles restaurant the next night...He is actually from Mt. Pleasant and was up for some biz trip and we GAMEEEEEE COOOOOCKED acrossed the bar at each other....
Anyway just though some of you would see this interesting...Especially some of the older posters..(Spurty) about Farrell
I highly recommend if you can take a trip up to Philly...The historic area is great and I really enjoyed my whole experience....
If you didn't meet an A-hole in Philly: you didn't stay long enough. Remember these are the fans that booed Santa Claus at an Eagles game a few years ago.
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