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Default Connor Can Cure Jerry Jones' Woes

Posted this on FB. please feel to re-post and spread the word.

An Open Letter to Jerry Jones (and Cowboys Fans)

I know the Cowboys have been struggling mightily for a very long time. I have a simple solution and his name is Connor Shaw. Mr. Jones, you will be able to draft this young man in the next NFL draft. You won't have to jockey for position or trade up. He's going to be yours for the taking, I guarantee it.

Please consider this:

Connor Shaw of South Carolina has the lowest interception percentage in the nation. He's also undefeated at home in three seasons as a starter. No other quarterback can say that. He will have directed his team to three straight 11-2 seasons in the toughest conference in the nation.

Sure, he's not as pretty as Tony and he's not as tall, but you could draft him and pay him peanuts and the guy will sacrifice body and soul for you on every play, and HE'S THE MOST NATURAL LEADER YOU'LL EVER FIND.

I know you are committed to Tony, but there is always a way to get out from under a contract. Look what the Cowboys did with the Herschel Walker trade. It made the franchise.

I think you have that opportunity again. You might just catch lightning in a bottle.

If you need a leader that can play hurt and bring your team from behind, you can check that box. Connor has won games with a broken foot, broken shoulder blade, you name it. He is tough as nails. His teammates consider him to be the toughest player on his team, BY FAR.

Need a guy that lives, eats and breathes football and never lets up, not even in the off season? A quarterback that lifts weights more than most of the linemen? Write this name down. CONNOR SHAW of Flowery Branch, Georgia.

Need a mobile quarterback? Connor can outrun nearly every cornerback in the NCAA's. His scrambles are deadly.

If you need your quarterback to have arm strength, Connor can throw it 70 yards, no problem. He can thread the needle on a bomb and he can "feather" it short for the screen pass.

By the way, Connor is considered one of the best "Game Managers" in NCAA history. That means when he has a win in hand, he knows how to ice it away. This kid is smart, studies like his life depends on it, makes good grades (one of the top scholars on a team that leads the SEC in scholars).

Concerning priorities... Connor intends to enlist and serve in the military and then be a high school coach building character in young men. He might delay some of those plans if you draft him, by the way.

Tired of prima donna players that are difficult to manage? Connor understands the chain of command and he has no ego. The team always comes first with Connor. When Connor had an off game and his backup, Dylan Thompson, came in to the game, Connor was always Dylan's biggest cheerleader, and it wasn't fake.

Connor comes from a family of winners that includes state champion coaches and quarterbacks at the high school and college level. His family has been a part of some of the most dynamic offenses that crank out huge yardage numbers at the high school and college level.

Winning is in his blood to the extent that it is much harder for Connor to lose a game than to win it. Think about that for a moment. I'm not kidding when I say this. Ask any Gamecock fan. They would trust Connor Shaw with their lives.

He's clean as a whistle in that he stays out of trouble, sets a stellar example of commitment and character for others and has one of the sharpest football minds you'll ever find.

Would you like to have a quarterback/team leader that won't cave under pressure? Connor had to win the starting job under a legendary coach and Heisman winner who is considered the most demanding quarterback coach in the country.

Just like Johnny Manziel, people are concerned that Connor might be too small. What he lacks for size, he makes up for in heart, determination, intelligence and just plain courage.

Everyone knows you want this franchise to win championships. I think you have a clear path to the Super Bowl if you just think outside the box when the NFL draft comes up.

Trust me, you won't regret choosing Connor Shaw to lead the Cowboys from mediocrity to excellence. He has so many of Roger and Troy's traits in his personality that it is staggering.

Isn't that what we all want? A return to excellence?

Thank you.

Douglas Webb
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