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Default Re: Starting Qb next year

Originally Posted by SWAGGGA View Post
We wont be running those read option plays nearly as much now. Plus it will be hard to find someone who can run them as well as Shaw. It fit his skillset to a T.

Mitch has the strongest arm on the team. No questions asked. This kids arm is NFL ready now. Its on a different level than weve had here since Ellis. Mitch's skillset has him more as a pocket passing QB. But hes said if hes called to run he will.

Once your at this level you arent going to gain arm strength. Because realy, its not how strong you are. You get "arm strength" from your complete throwing motion. You get a lot of velocity from your feet and lower body. That then goes through your shoulder and finally your arm and wrist. All of that at the right combination will give a qb elite velocity. And if hes missing any one part of it, it will cause him to lose some. Ever wonder why guys like Elway and Marino could throw so much harder than anyone else? What their foot plant into the ground. And their mid section. Watch how much force they get into it.

Mitch is similar. He does a lot of things right. Both if you notice QBs that can throw with a lot of velocity in the NFL. Were doing it in college too. Its not something you can really learn. Its how you throw as you grow up. But once your to this point its to late.

Mr. Mitch, im excited as anyone to see your son play! But please sir, until he has at least played 1 game in the SEC can we hold off on the Elway/Marino comparisons?
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