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Default I can't believe the season is over...

... didn't it just start???

I was one of those that thought this was going to be a very rough season. With all that was lost on the D-line and in LB's, I thought the "D" was going to struggle mightily.

I think this team actually over-achieved by going 11-2. The way some of the games went this could have easily been an 8-4 season. Congrats to the gamecocks and yes, I wish Bruce was coming back. But football is a brutal sport and he has his degree. If you have a chance at the NFL, you gotta take it. Go get 'em, Bruce.

In the wisconsin game we should have run-blitzed the gap LB's every down (ha, ha). I like Whammy, but I think I like gap-control defenses better. I don't think Kelcy helped himself too much in the Wisconsin game, I hope he shows out well in the pro days and interviews.

Next year I hope we go more wide open on offense with a sound running game, too. Maybe next year will be a little more fun and gun. Not too many QB's can do what Shaw does, so we just can't expect his 3rd down miracles to be happening as much next year.
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