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Default Re: Willing to play certain FCS schools?

Originally Posted by CarolinaGnB521 View Post
My god, do you people seriously not get the question?

I don't want to answer this topic because I'm torn. I have so many opinions because it is such a hypothetical situation. But to show everyone who doesn't understand the question (or refuses to answer it correctly), I will give it my best shot.

Obviously I know that we can beat North Dakota State, and other premier FCS teams. However, depending on the stage of the game (beginning of the season, middle of season between SEC games, or end of season between SEC and Clemson) it could cause a bit of a stir in Columbia.

I mean shit, we could beat the brakes off everyone 100000000-0 every game and when we play Citadel 90% of our fans will act like little girls running around screaming that the big bad wolf is coming to town. I know that's a bit of an exaggeration...but still. I get that the Citadel, Wofford, and other FCS games are considered "trap" games. I completely understand that. But North Dakota State, and other premier FCS teams are way better than the Citadel, Wofford, and South Carolina State. Sorry for all those alumni and ex-players I just insulted by saying that, but in my opinion it's true.

For this instance I will pretend like we're about to play them in the middle of the season randomly between two SEC opponents. If it is late October, or early November and we have to travel up to North Dakota State (Fargo, ND), I would be pretty pissed off. (1) That's a far ass game to travel too. (2) Why the **** are we playing North Dakota State, one hell of a program, in the middle of an already tough SEC schedule? I'd rather play a crappy FBS team. (3) Why would we put ourselves in a situation where we have NOTHING to gain. We win, we beat an FCS team - hooray!?! We lose though, and it's all over ESPN, and other media outlets, and it's hanging over our head for the rest of the season.

I would go in worried - seriously worried. I would go into this game more worried that I would if we were in the playoff or National Championship simply due to the fact that we have nothing to gain from it. I would fear our players would realize this, and as much as we preached (as fans) and the coaches preached "Don't over look them", it's hard not to overlook a group of men that weren't even offered scholarships at podunk FBS schools. I would also fear that we would get off to a slow start, and the high energy of a team like NDS would have when they played a SEC power would drive us into a hole early. In these games I worry more about our offense than defense. I think our defense will forever take care of it's self just form simply being faster and stronger than most FCS teams we will ever play (Furman in 2010 did move the ball with ease on us for a little bit). However...unless NDS (or any premier FCS team) could put us in a HUGE hole due to self-inflicted mental errors, I feel like in the end the speed and strength would turn the game in the favor of us. It may take a little bit for our guys to get their heads in the game, but once they realize that this team isn't a joke, they'd take over and take care of business. The score on the field won't reflect how much better we really were on the field, if you know what I mean.

That's very similar to the way I feel about it. I feel like we could beat them on any field, but the timing of playing them -- especially in Fargo -- would be critical. The way we currently have the FCS team we play scheduled, it's basically used as an extra bye week before we play CU. But even if we played NDS for the opening game it would be a dangerous game for us. SHOULD we beat them handily? Absolutely, but we also couldn't afford to go into the game thinking a win for us is a lock, because NDS is a legitimately good team, even if they are an FCS school.

I like the way you said if we win people would say, "Congratulations. You just beat an FCS team," but acknowledged it would also be major news if NDS were to pull off the upset. The same scenario exists when we play any FCS team, but it's far less likely the upset will happen against the likes of Citadel and SC State. The thought of playing a true power from that level (3 consecutive national championships now and several upsets of FBS schools over the years) is simply a way to gauge the confidence level of our fan base, especially when considering the thought of not being in the friendly confines of WB.
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