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Default Re: Connor Mitch, next big thing?

Originally Posted by Clowneygotcha View Post
Ok, you knew it was coming. It is officially the offseason, so we can now speculate about anything and everything, with no facts because we are just speculating.

I have seen a lot of who starts at QB this year, and while I fully believe Dylan will most likely lead our team this year, I want to talk about another QB who plays for us.

Recently he has been overlooked, because the way we run our offense, everyone expects Nosovitch to take the reigns, because his play style resembles Connor Shaw's more than that of Mitch.

When Connor Mitch was recruited in 2012 and signed and eventually enrolled early, everyone was high on this kid. I mean when Steve Spurrier tells you he will coach your entire career if you come play QB for him, your not just an average QB recruit, you must be something special. We all know that the thread pops up every offseason of when will Spurrier call it quits, or who will replace him, but he made it a note to tell this guy from NC that he will be here as long as he plays QB at South Carolina.

Lets look at some stats.

So apparently over 2 seasons with 2 different Varsity teams he passed for a total of: 8533 yards, 111 TDs with only 9 INTs.. completions were 560 out of 922 pass attempts. Not too shabby.

He was also recruited as one of the top Pocket Passing QBs in the 2013 class. He chose South Carolina over Alabama, Auburn, FSU, Florida, LSU, North Carolina, Vanderbilt, Wisconsin, Tennessee and the list goes on and on. That is one heck of a recruiting resume for a QB.

So we got a steal with this guy. He was Redshirted this past season, and now sits at Number 3 I would say on the Depth Chart? Mainly because he has not played a game for us yet, and was in a redshirt year.

Anyways with all that being said, I am high on Connor Mitch. I think having another Connor at the helm next year would be very huge for us. Not just any Connor, because you cannot replace a Connor Shaw. But this kid has showed time and time again he can be a baller.

I look for him to really push for the job of QB in the offseason. Again may the best QB win, but for him I think he really has a shot.
I am far to lazy to write up a resume for Nosee, as well as for DT and certainly Schetchy but I'll bet if you put up the high school accomplishments of these QBs they will be just as impressive as CM's. What we got is a next man up situation at QB. That's nice to have.
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