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Default No More Excuses...

Let me preface this by saying, I love everything Spurrier has done for us. Thanks to Spurrier we pretty much "started from the bottom now we here". From this point forward though, there should be no more excuses for lack of hardware. No more we should have done this or that.

I'm not saying we have to win every game we play. Sometimes you're just not the better team. What HAS to stop is losing games EVERY year to teams we shouldn't.

2010: Kentucky loss. Embarrasing considering what we did the week before. Had the east not been so down that year, that loss would have cost us the east as well.

2011: Auburn. No excuse. That team was bad. We were the best team in the east that year and we gave the division away with that loss.

2012: Florida. Some people may disagree since it was at the swamp, but there is no excuse for the way we played that game. I was there and that was the most pathetic performance I have seen since clemson 08. That Florida team might have had a good record, but we gave the division away AGAIN with that performance.

2013: Tennessee. Embarrasing. Terrible performance, terrible coaching, terrible clock management. Once again we pissed away the SEC east.

With all that being said we have had bright spots. How can one complain in 2011 when we win the most games ever in a year? How can one complain in 2012 when we repeat it? How can one complain in 2013 when we finish #4 in the nation? You simply can't.

But that's why I create this thread. There are no more excuses. Yea we lost to Tennessee BUT we finished #4. Well take a look at that. That is the 2 teams playing for the National Championship, the Rose Bowl winners, and then us. We are RIGHT there. The past 3 years only Alabama, Oregon, and Stanford can match our success. But Bama just had a disaster of a season at 11-2, same for Oregon. Stanford won their conference, but they could have had much more.

There are no more firsts for the program except the obvious. Its time to get it done from start to finish. No more "yea we lost this but at least we did this for the first time". No more one game where we look like a shell of ourselves. No more terrible coaching decisions in key moments.

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