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Default Re: No More Excuses...

Originally Posted by Gamecocks321 View Post
I agree, but even if we would have beaten Tennessee, I doubt we would have beaten Auburn in the SEC title game. Wisconsin ran the ball down our throats and Auburn would have done the same thing. So we would still have finished with a 11-2 season and a win in the Capital One Bowl. The only difference would be an SEC East title, and we already have one of those.

But yeah, I'm very happy with what our Gamecocks have been accomplishing, considering where we once were, but it's time to take the next step. We've already won 11 games, beaten top ranked opponents, our rivals, won the SEC East, etc, but it's now time to win the SEC Championship and win a BCS game.
I agree that we probably wouldn't have beaten Auburn, but we have to start giving ourselves a chance. If you think about it, we probably should have just played in our 4th straight SEC champpionship game. I would like to think we would have won one of those.
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