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Originally Posted by b381l View Post
If Morriss was as great as all the taters say, he would have a line waiting to sign him up.
Chadmo's problem is AD's see that his high scoring and stat padding offense only works against teams with less than stellar defenses. Yeah, they look great against Dent Middle School, but when SCAR and FSU get on the field, they crumble.

Look at Auburn in the title game for example. Similar scheme that works great if you're ahead, but if your defense pulls a Clemson, it's not built to come from behind. Not saying he won't make a good HC in time, but you can't be taken seriously as an offensive mastermind when your teams leave their collective testes in the locker room.

They can brag about beating tOSU in the bowl of overrateds but like Clemson, they don't play anyone and when they did, they lost.
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