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Default Re: Eric Hyman Saved South Carolina and Made it Great

Originally Posted by CarolinaGnB521 View Post
Maybe it's just me, but out of everything you just said that DID happen (not including Ray Tanner, because that DIDN'T happen) the only "problem" I see is the Horn hiring. I agree that was dumb, and we could've gotten someone else. But outside of that, I personally don't see a problem.

The Garcia and Manziel situations are completely different in my opinion. Does everyone even know the Manziel situation? Let's take a look at the differences.

- Arrested in 2012 ; pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor (Fighting and Poss. of Fake ID)
- Halloween turned him into internet sensation
- The off-season of partying with superstars and courtside seats
- Casino trip after bowl: Legally gambling
- Online class schedule b/c he couldn't handle going to campus
- Scuff at practice
- Twitter timeout
- Social Media loopholes
- "Over slept" at Manning Camp
- Autograph signing troubles

- Arrested for Failure to stop for a Police Officer and Underage Drinking
- Suspended for keying a prof car
- Ticketed AGAIN for Underage drinking and playing with a fire extinguisher.
- Chick-Fil-A team rules broken
- SEC Leadership meeting suspension
- "Substance abuse test"
- Garcia left program.

So for the record: Manziel got introuble with the law off the field ONCE and all other "troubles" were media based with very little reaction by Hyman or anyone at A&M. Garcia was arrested once, and ticketed twice by the Police, and then suspended a total of 5 times for other team-rules breaking. The final straw being a drug test...

So, if someone could somehow find a way to show me how those two cases are related........
Pauline Hyman is that you? The Ray Tanner thing DID happen! Just contact former voice of Carolina baseball Mike Morgan on twitter. He will tell you that it almost happened, because of the difficulties getting the new baseball stadium under construction in 2005. Which is why he left NC State in the first place. He was closer to Ray Tanner than anybody. I'll take his word over yours. As far as Garcia goes, the keying the car thing was stupid. Other than that nothing was different from Manziel.

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