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Default Re: What It Was Like Back Then

Originally Posted by Spurticus View Post
+ Bobby Cremins, John Ribock, Tom Riker etc....

Had been a Gamecock fan for a few years prior to Frank McGuire putting
that team together, but I was there from the start and loved every minute
of it. Still convinced had we been independent at the time, or in another
conference beside the ACC, we would have had a National title trophy
with that group. The ACC schedule was tough enough, but having to fight
The Tobacco Road four AND the ACC Commissioner that favored them was
too much of hill to get over. Also am 100% convinced that had there been
a shot clock and three point line at the time, we would not only have
won a national title, but would have cruised into it.


LOVED THE POST BRUH ! ..... brings back a lot of really good memories
and even though I don't get excited by the basketball teams we've put
out lately, I'm still following the program and hoping that we can soon
put together a team that will win the SEC and get us back to the NCAA
Dance. ....I'll be honest with you. In spite of the losses we are putting up
right now, I see some REAL talent developing with the team we have on
the court right now. I think this is the foundation of a team that will give
us a shot at winning the SEC, and a run in the NCAA tourney. Patience
by brothers and sisters......Patience
Skip Harlicker(sp) and Jack Thompson for me

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