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Default Re: New Rivals 100 Released

Originally Posted by CockTail View Post
I disagree, you do get to see them compete against each other, but those games are exhibitions, not competitions. The number one priority is not to get hurt.

This is still like saying that one kid played at Under Armor and one at Army Navy and you can tell one is better than the other even though they never set foot on the same field. If they just called it the 100 best HS football players with no ranks, I would buy it more.
I actually put more stock into those post season bowls for some/most players than their regular season games. If a supposed 4 star OL plays for a 1A school dominates his weak competition all year it's hard to know if he's really rated correctly or not. If he then goes on to the Shrine Bowl and is dominating still in practice all week it means more to me that he is doing that against competition that he will likely see at the next level. All players don't all have to play in the same game on the same field to judge rather or not they can hold their own against top flight competition. Don't get me wrong it's not an exact science as these are young men who are still growing and learning and getting bigger and stronger at different rates. I do think that we can learn something from the post-season games. Guys like Pharoah Cooper and Tyshun Samuel made big leaps after showing out in post season games and got 4 star rankings that they should have had all along
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