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Default Re: I am officially giving up Facebook

Originally Posted by Spur's Addiction View Post
To be honest I am kind of getting bored with it as well. I check it daily but not sure why. Post something about once or twice a month.

I guess there are a few people on there I genuinely want to keep up with. But most of it is just blabber either from people I don't really have a reason to keep up with or subjects that I don't care about.

I don't know. Maybe I just put everyone on ignore except the few folks I actually enjoy reading their stuff.

Agree with this, which is why I took a few minutes and went through my entire friends list- managing those I "subscribe" to, and those who are on the "restricted" list, for example (amongst other categories)

By doing so, my newsfeed only shows those friends whom I actually care to read about, or read what they're saying, while all of the acquaintances simply fade into the background.
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