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Default Re: I don't get the Clowney hate

Originally Posted by seamus View Post
The measure of a defensive player is how much he disrupts the opposing offense. Clowney certainly has done this during his time with the Cocks. Sure he had "better numbers" his soph year, but he was disruptive his jr year in a different way. All year long, the offenses had to plan for Clowney. They would use multiple blocking schemes to try to contain him. They would run the ball away from him. They would shorten pass routes to get rid of the ball as quickly as they could to avoid his rush.

So, even though he did not have the "big numbers" this year, he still was a force to be reckoned. I am sure the NFL scouts know what talent Clowney has, and have a good idea how good he will be in the next level.
Agreed. He was getting double and triple teamed, not to mention held on several occasions, this season so it's no wonder his numbers weren't what they were last season. The fact that he was still able to disrupt offenses this season with those obstacles against him speaks volumes about his ability and presence as a player.
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