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Default Re: BEST HAIR METAL BAND TOURNAMENT: Bon Jovi (#5) vs DOKKEN (#12)

Tough choice here (for me). I had both these bands listed on my Top
Ten List when we did nominations, and I had them both listed High. When
the Wave of "Hair Metal" came rushing in there were some bands that
had really Unique sounds, and it set them apart from the MANY bands
that came along later in the wake of those that pioneered the sound and
look to begin with, and they were just copying what the rest of the wave
were doing (Cookie Cutter Acts). When it was all played and dying out,
you could look back at it all and there were a handful of bands that actually
were good, and had a different "aura" that set them apart from the rest
of the zombies. These two bands were examples of having that "IT" factor
and stood out from the rest of the Hair Metal craze. Dokken was a band
that I REALLY liked from the first time I heard them. The two singles that
got them noticed on the Radio and played on MTV (Alone Again...and
Into The Fire) blew me away. Hard edged, Dark, Bluesy music with some
acoustic guitar thrown in that gave it a really good appeal to me. Went out
and bought Tooth And Nail and played it until the tape (cassettes then)
fell apart with wear.

Bon Jovi (to me) was a really odd band that I didn't want to listen
to at first, but found myself not being able to NOT listen to them. Their
very early stage (first album) was just bad enough to turn me off to the
band as a whole, but the song "Runaway" was catchy and I ended up
turning up the radio / TV when it was played. ... Same thing happened
when Bon Jovi Followed up with Slippery When Wet. I bought the album
off of interest in the hit You Give Love A Bad Name. This time, there
were about 3-4 songs on the LP that I liked, but the rest of it was "So-So"
stuff for my taste. ... However, over the couple of years they were around
at that time, the had gotten some "momentum" on the road and were
starting to make a name for themselves. Over the next few years that
M.O. continued as for my personal view of B/J. The hits they produced
off their albums were really good, but the rest of the albums (IMO)
reminded me of Bubblegum music in the 70s with a harder edge. At the
end of the 80s however, when I was ready (like the rest of the country)
to see the Hair Metal stuff just GO AWAY, and you looked back on those
few bands that you actually thought were good bands / artists, I
couldn't help but notice that one of them had all the ear marks of a good
solid act. Bon Jovi had a lot of good songs that I liked, and their longevity
made it clear that they were one of the more popular bands out of the
era. I may have only cared about their "hits" but they had A LOT of really
good hits.

Between these two, I'd like to chose both of them. But for the sake of
the voting, and being force to pick one, I would chose DOKKEN here.
In the end, when the smoke cleared and all the Hair had been swept
away..... Dokken was one of my Top 2-3 favorite bands out of the
wave of "Whatever It was Titled" music. I had them 2nd on my list of
favorite bands, so I'm sticking with that priority. Bon Jovi was / is still
a good act. Dokken was more my person taste in Rock Music.

DOKKEN gets the vote here
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