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Default Curtaining off the upper decks at Colonial Lifeless Arena?

Anyone else think we should curtain off the upper decks of Colonial Lifeless Arena? According to David Cloninger's tweets, Frank Martin expressed in his presser today that the arena is just too big and is not a good basketball atmosphere. I agree.

The CLA is way too big. We play in the 17th biggest college basketball arena in the country:

Biggest College Basketball Arenas
1. Syracuse (plays in Carrier Dome, a multi-sport facility)
2. Kentucky
3. UNC Greensboro (play in the former Carolina Hurricanes arena and site of the ACC tourney)
4. Louisville
5. North Carolina
6. Tennessee
7. BYU
8. Georgetown (plays in Washington Wizards arena)
9. St. John's (plays in Madison Square Garden)
10. NC State
11. Arkansas
12. Ohio State
13. UNLV
14. Marquette (plays in Milwaukee Bucks arena)
15. Seton Hall (plays in former home of New Jersey Nets)
16. Memphis (plays in Memphis Grizzlies arena)
17. South Carolina

As you can see, many of the teams with arenas bigger than ours actually just share an arena with a current or former professional sports franchise. If you take out the teams that are simply playing in a pro team's arena, we play in the 11th biggest college basketball arena in the country (including the Carrier Dome)!! That's absurd! We aren't even the 11th best program in our own conference. Look at the other names on that list and we are glaringly out of place. That list is full of NCAA Champions and college basketball blueboods.

We have had the absolute worst basketball program in the conference by every quantifiable metric since we joined in 1992. We haven't won an NCAA Tournament game since the Nixon administration. We are undoubtedly one of the worst high-major basketball programs in America. There is ZERO evidence that South Carolina can enjoy prolonged success meriting high attendance.

Building an 18,000 seat arena for one of the worst basketball programs in America doesn't make sense. Instead, we should have improved Frank McGuire arena, it was a perfect size at a bit more than 12,000 and it was a great basketball facility with character. I know the City of Columbia felt it needed a large arena to attract concerts, but Colonial Lifeless Arena is way too big for our basketball program and the building has no character.

Since we are stuck playing in Colonial Lifeless, I would support curtaining off the upper decks. On rare occasion we could raise the curtains if attendance is going to be high enough, maybe every few years when we play Kentucky at home.
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