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Default Re: Tigernet on suicide watch

Originally Posted by jayceecock View Post
Finally, a non delusional Tater fan that "gets it".

"We really need to Have a big turn around in our athletic department. Enough is enough. I'm tired of going to work and seeing all the coots I work with acting like
they just won the Super Bowl. I'm tired of my kids getting the thick of
it at school, which is in downtown Columbia btw. It was never like
this. We used to run this state. And now the low-life coots seem to run
it now. Spurrier has got dabo on a leash like the gimp from pulp
fiction. And I think we all thought that once Ray Tanner retired that
things would go back to normal for us. But how wrong we were. Holbrook
is going to be a HOF coach just like Tanner. And we are too scared to
fire Jack and find a new coach. I'm tired of this. Something's gotta
give here"
All I'm hearing is
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