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Default Re: Vitamins and Supplements

Muscle Pharm has a great Vitamin which contains many fruit and vegetable extracts plus some Probiotics, anti oxidants and Omega fatty's called Armor V. I have taken Centrum for years then switched to this and feel a lot better...only drawback is a serving is 6 pills...

Also, they have a really good BCAA which is called BCAA 3:1:2

I use Muscle Pharm pre workout, ASSAULT, post workout, RECON and their Protein Powder, COMBAT...I like all their products

I have used all kinds of different supps and brands and this has been the best for me. I know a lot of people like BSN or Gaspari...

I Powerlift, so my needs are a little different than what yours prob are...Muscle Pharm has a wide variety of supps, check out or Those two have the best prices and largest selection usually.

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