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Default Re: Vitamins and Supplements

Originally Posted by Cockypantherfan View Post
If you are looking to pack on some muscle you probably should tone down your cardio a little bit to enable some gains. What you will have to do is eat a ton and lift heavy to pack on the muscle (added fat is inevitable) and then while continuing to eat right, incorporate some cardio to help lose the extra bit of weight that was gained.
Great answer. He didnt really specify what he was going for, so I just threw in the supps angle. It would do us good to know what his goal is, to better help.

I Powerlift bc I don't have the willpower to eat right nor the time really. Also, it is really, really expensive and when you have a wife and 3 kids, it can add up big have to make 2 seperate meals for each meal, yours and theirs.
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