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Default Re: Will Clemson beat SC?

I really do not know about this year ladies and gentlemen.

The defense has been the key in the recent run of success for the Gamecocks. They lost 3 starters on the DL and 2 in the secondary. That is two positions that you don't want to be young and inexperienced in, and it's ABSOLUTELY no good when both are in the same boat at the same time. We have some experienced LBs so that's a plus. Like Coach Ward said a few days back, "We got depth, we got bodies, but can they play?" <---We shall see.

The offense for the Gamecocks will be pretty solid. Although we haven't had a great offense since SOS has been here so it is yet to be seen whether or not we will come through with a O that puts up some points. Returning 4 of 5 OL is really great. While they weren't fantastic last season, if they can maintain the same progress we should be fine. We have some experienced WRs returning and hopefully Shaq and Pharro can play a huge roll. Both have shown flashes but no Alshons, Kennys, or Sidneys on this roster as of right now. I am still undecided on DT. He played well against Mizu apart from the fumbles we had. Not totally his fault but as the QB you have to find ways to dig yourself out like Connor did. We are pretty deep at RB. Mike Davis is just gonna be Mike Davis. Beast. But the rest? Well, we have to stay out of the training room with injuries and quit running into the back of blockers. Good, solid group, but haven't shown me much apart from Davis and sparingly Wilds.

Clemson loses a good QB, a great WR, another decent WR, a good RB, and one OL. They will have new ones at all positions. Chad Kelly, Cole Stoudt, or D. Watson? None have played meaningful time apart from mop up duty. Losing sammy will be big for them, as he is a top flight receiver who just can't be replaced. Bryant is so so. The offense they're in throws a lot of balls up for the WRs to grab so they have a lot of guys with some catches. The WR core will take a hit though.

Their defense returns the whole Dline, 1 LB, and I want to say 2 safeties while losing 2 lbs and 2 corners. They have a stud dline whether we want to believe it or not. Watson and Beasley are studs. Losing Spencer and one other guy i can't remember his name will be tough, as he was the anchor for the D last season. They will be replacing a lot as well. But i think the D will be the strength of their team next season.
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