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Spring Practice 4/10/14: Practice number 13

Donít have a lot to report on tonight. The practice was a light workout with the team in shorts and shirts with no padding except for the headgear. Basically it was just a walkthrough before the spring game Saturday afternoon. It was good to see David Williams back running position drills without the Yellow jersey tonight. David even got a couple of carries in the full team drills the guys ran to end practice. Pretty much everyone now is back with the team with the exception of Buster Anderson and Kane Whitehurst. I donít expect David Will see a lot of action Saturday, but hopefully heíll be able to get a couple of touches along with Mike Davis before ending the spring drills.

The team ran about 30 minutes of full speed position drills, then coach Spurrier spotted the ball at the South 3 yard line and got the first unit offense up against the first unit defense to run full team drills, going the length of the field. Dylan led the offense down the field, throwing some nice completions to Shamier Jeffery, Carlton Heard, and Jarrell Adams. There was a few nice defensive plays during the drive that stood out. Early in the drive, Dylan attempted a quick slant pass to Pharoh Cooper but Sharrod Golightly read it perfectly and stepped into the route knocking Cooper down before Dylan had a chance to see it. Thompson threw to the spot Coop would have been in, but there was no one to catch the ball. Not an interception, but a nice read by Golightly on that play. Dylan tried to go for the home run at one point throwing a Go Route to Drew Owens, but the play was snuffed out by Chris Moody form his Free Safety position. A near pick on that play, but Owens was able to at least keep Moody form making a clean interception and got a hand on the ball to prevent disaster there. Dylan was picked a few plays later when a deflected pass ended up in the hands of Jonathan Walton. The ball was spotted back at the line of scrimmage from the point it was at before the pick. Brandon Wilds and Rod Talley had about 3 carries each on the drive which ended in two consecutive completions to Matrick Belton, the second one was a strike on a corner route for six.

They put the ball on the 20 yard line going the other way with Perry Orth running the offense. He was able to move the ball from the 20 to the opposite (South) 30 with some nice throws to Jeffery, KJ Brent and Kelvin Rainey. There was also two nice runs by David Williams in this drive before taking a spot on the sidelines. The offense stalled somewhat on the drive, and coach Spurrier brought Dylan back in to clean it up. Dylan was again almost picked off when Jamari Smith deflected a post route intended for Matt Harvey, and Brison Williams made a dive for the batted ball, but was unable to come up with the pick. A couple of plays later, Thompson found Shaq Roland on a come back route in the endzone for six.

The last drive of the practice was spotted at the South 20 and Connor Mitch got a series to show his stuff. Connorís first play was not good at all, as he telegraphed a throw intended for Pharoh Cooper, but it was picked off (didnít catch the number), and taken back to the house for a pick six. Connor redeemed himself however, by going 5 for 5 after the pick throwing completions to Jeffery, a REALLY nice throw that hit Cooper over the shoulder in stride for a big pick up, and two completions on the drive to Kelvin Rainey. The first of his two was a really well run drag route, right after the pick six that gained about 20 yards with the catch and run. Raineyís second reception was a practice ender, with a back corner fade route in the endzone from Mitch for the final play of the night.

Good work tonight form Shamier Jeffery and Shaq Roland. Connor looked very impressive after the first throw was picked, and Dylan Thompson recovered from a pick to lead the offense to two scores.

I wonít post a report on the spring game Saturday evening since the game is on TV for those who are not going to be at the game. Most everyone will get to see it at some point. Iíll do like a few others and post some comments about the overall spring drills for the last month sometime Saturday evening or Sunday Morning.
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