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Default Blah, Blah, Blah...Shotgun...Pistol...Under Center


Better against pressure due to being 7 yards back at line of scrimmage.
QB has a better view of the field (not in Madden)
Give the QB more time to show the ball on PA and Options

Harder to use 1 step drop concepts due to the 7 yard placement basically being an automatic 3 step drop
Lack of a downhill running game
Possibility of a bad snap

Under Center
Downhill running game
Great for 1 step drop concepts
Allows more action off the play action

Possible lack of vision for a QB
Struggles against pressure right up the middle more than Shotgun
QB has to completely turn his back to the defense off of any hard play action

Shotgun Formation

The shotgun formation is one that has the quarterback lined up 5 to 7 yards behind the center. The center snaps the ball through the air back to the quarterback at the start of the play. Over the last decade, the shotgun formation has been utilized more and more, as teams have become more and more pass focused. A big advantage to the shotgun formation is having the quarterback already in position to throw the ball when he receives the snap. This is much different than an "under center" snap, where the quarterback would have to drop back before being in position to throw.
Pistol Formation

The "pistol" formation also has the quarterback taking a deeper snap from center. However, in this formation, the quarterback lines up only about 3 or 4 yards behind the center, with a running back behind him. The pistol formation also continues to be utilized as teams try to gain any edge over their opponents. The pistol formation gives an offensive scheme more options at the snap of the ball. It's an easier run formation than the shotgun, because the quarterback is not the deepest back. However, it still allows the quarterback to get the ball in throwing position quickly for timing routes.

One disadvantage to these formations is, unless a team uses them consistently, trends and patterns can develop that make play prediction a little easier for the defense. But both the pistol formation and the shotgun formation have opened up the game of football and made things more exciting to watch.

Shotgun - "RBs have more leeway to move laterally when running out of the shotgun. When moving forward to take a handoff, their direction is already chosen because they have to go downhill to get the ball. Takes "happy feet" out of the equation for most backs.

The biggest thing to me is it allows the QB to see the defense more easily pre-snap and right at the snap. The biggest draw back to me is that the QBs drop is more or less already determined. The DEs don't have to figure out of its a one step, three step, or five step drop during the course of the play so it's a little easier for them to pin their ears back."

"I'd say the defense while the qb is under center, has to prioritize against the run and that can leave defenses vulnerable to the quick pass to a wide out, running back or a qb that rolls out and hits the receiver dragging across the middle. "

"No blind side in the shot gun."

"Shotgun sets up draw a bit better and gives RBs time to watch the holes open up a little bit better than the pro-style does. However, pro-style, under center plays allows Oline to "get lower" go with the hard count (versus silent count) and punch the dline harder..."
Muschamp said he doesn't have a 3 year or 5 year plan, his plan is to win now and decisions will be based on winning now.

Muschamp believes that recruiting within a five-hour radius of USC, "we can recruit good enough players to win the East every year."
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