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Default Re: Hillsborough

I watched it and was literally brought to tears to see the actual footage of what happened. I majored in Sports Administration and did my senior paper on how the design of soccer/football stadiums contributed to hooliganism and tragedies such as Hillsborough, and how the resulting Taylor Act instituted changes in these designs such as facilities being all seated with no standing terraces. I obviously did a lot of book rearch and saw many photos of the tragedy, but seeing the reel footage and learning about the numerous investigative cover-ups (which were not known about when I wrote my paper in 1994), made me much better realize what a true hell it was for the victims and their families.

A result of my research on Hillsborough was that it created a soft place in my heart for Liverpool, and I've been a huge fan of theirs ever since. I'm excited that I will be going to see them play in Charlotte this summer (ironically my brother's favorite team is AC Milan), and look forward to cheering them on the next four weeks hopefully to a Championship. I can't think of a team or fan base that is more deserving. YNWA!

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