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Default Re: Chicago ND fan/SEC book idea

Originally Posted by magoo View Post
Hey All,

I'm a die hard Notre Dame fan and a 28 y/o teacher from Chicago (hope you don't hold that against me). I'm going to take next year off teaching and tour the SEC with the intention of writing a book about fan culture and identity and what it's like being a college football fan in the SEC.

I'm hoping to get to know some of you and get to know what makes you tick, what you love, what frustrates you, etc about South Carolina football. The plan is to be down there for the Tennessee game November 1st, get there a couple days early, check out campus, meet fans, check the tailgate and game.

Hope you don't mind me picking your brains. For starters, whats it like having a legendary coach at the helm? Whats the impression of head ball coach? What's it been like over the past few years having program changing players like Clowney, Lattimore, and to some extent Jeffrey (as I Bears fan, I was soooo happy when we drafted that guy)? Where do you see the program headed and what needs to happen for you to get over the last hump and win a National Championship?

Thanks in advance for welcoming me to the board and feel free to ask any questions you have about ND football (if you have any. I think I'm a pretty level-headed fan and I get that I'm part of a largely elitist fan base that hasn't deserved national attention for the better part of 20 years since Holtz left)

My husband and I moved to Columbia 4 years ago. I grew up in Chgo./Gladstone Park and Skokie, then Cleveland. I remember when we were looking for a house here in the city of Columbia near campus EVERY home in the 400k range had a garnet colored room. You see these were not 'college' rented homes. These were GAMECOCK FAN'S homes. Honestly I thght. who the heck paints their living rms Garnet. In Cleveland and Chgo. we did not paint our walls orange and blue nor orange and brown. Now I understand. I go to football, baseball, and both men and women basketball games.

He definately knows the game. He says it like it is which I appreciate.

FOOTBALL GAME ATTIRE- Ladies- black sundress and pearls I heard. I thght. my husband was setting me up. At Pro football games we wear parkas, pants, team sweatshirt or team color sweater, hat scarf, ect. b/c it is COLD!

FOOTBALL SCHEDULE- Do NOT schedule ANYTHING not even death during a game! The Phil Harmonic Orchestra schedules their concerts around the football games. If u schedule something during a SEC football game, you will have a low turnout.

THANKSGIVING It is GAMECOCKS vs Clemson. DO not expect me to go back home during this holiday. Do not expect me to entertain u if u visit us on that gameday unless u want to WATCH the game with me.

BOWL games- remember when the Cleveland Browns fans drove on the school buses to Baltimore to get the Browns name back ??? Well, SEC fans will go to that Bowl game no matter what the name is. That is THEIR TEAM. THEIR BLOOD. SEC teams rule.

YES Football is a religion in the SEC. EVERY Saturday during football season is gameday and tailgating. During off and during the season it is recruiting.

We have been in Columbia for 4 years now. Our football tickets were renewed last month. They are on my husband calendar so no business trips are planned.

When u come in for a game, wear Garnet and Black.

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