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Default Re: BEST HAIR BAND TOURNAMENT: Final Round (#1) Guns N Roses vs. (#2) Motley Crue

Originally Posted by Legalman72 View Post
Thanks, Spurt, for running this contest.

I'm not a big fan of "hair band" as a moniker. A number of high-quality bands got swept up in the hairspray/makeup fad of the 80s. In my opinion, especially with the benefit of a few decades, this shouldn't exactly qualify them as hair bands. And I know, Spurt, what you've said about hair bands, and I agree. So, don't take this as a shot at your poll.

GnR was a bit like a shooting star. Super-talented, ego-laden, crazy, and with the ability to make timeless music. AFD is an unforgettable "debut", although some would argue that it wasn't truly their debut. Tracing their roots to the Stones with heavy doses of metal and punk, with a bit of Sunset Strip glam, GnR pounded out a number of memorable songs before their untimely demise due to over-production and Axl Rose's condition.

The Crue were a hard-driving, drug and whiskey-fueled rock band who cut a gaping swath through a decade of fantastic music. Beginning as a demonic LA band with a punk/metal sound, they ended up making radio-ready music that was good and, like their competitor, a tad over-produced in its later stages.

For me, music vs music, Guns N' Roses' Appetite for Destruction, along with select cuts from the two Use Your Illusion albums (especially the lesser known cuts, like "Dead Horse") surpass pretty much anything the Crue ever mustered.

I like both bands, so it's not easy for me to give the nod to GnR, but I did.
Appreciate the props Legalman. I like doing these from time to time. I
usually run them right after football season is over to have something
to occupy the time in the off season.
Regardless of my opinion I will never take offense to someone else's
opinion in here for any reason. In fact, the major thing that made me
start doing these a few years ago was to hear everyone's opinion. The
board has always had some good discussions about music (something I
love to talk about), and that would not be the case if everyone had the
same tastes or opinion.
I knew as soon as GNR was voted in (and voted in as the overwhelming
Top seed), that they would probably end up winning this tournament. I
said right up front that I wanted to keep the guidelines simple and let
the outcome fall in place "howeve it shakes out". I didn't want to get into
specific guidelines for what was / wasn't a Hair band type of artist. I
also said that it's all for fun, and I wanted to see what the board members
thought during all this.
Whether I agree with the votes or opinions isn't important. I just stated
that I didn't think GNR belonged in this poll to begin with, and I've voted
based on that opinion when GNR was in the matchups.

It was fun, and it was interesting. That's all I care about. I agree with
everyone that GNR is the best band in this tournament. I just don't think
they should be here to start with, but the majority of voters disagrees with
that, and I'm fine with it as well. Thanks again for the props, and for
yours (and everyone who participated) views and opinions.

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