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Default Re: SEC Network "Take It All In" South Carolina promo video...

I watched all the SECe's.

USC's was the best, it was the most hype, no homerism even.

Of course uga would have video of a play 30+ years ago, they have nothing but history going for them.

kentucky's was the 2nd best, IMO, the use of technology and the crowd were hype.

mizzou's....I get it, they're trying to build an identity and get people familiar with them, so they spell their name over and over. However, it felt like a spelling bee rather than a school's video.

vandy's...if Franklin was still there, the video would be all about him, but they had to do the basketball team and talk about the floor being raised, pretty lame.

uf' took 30 seconds for them to talk about the history of the gator chomp, but nobody brought up the fact that they stole the idea from mississippi state?!?!? lololol
This would've been the lamest video had it not been for...

tenn...absolute worst promo w/o question. Who are they marketing to?!?!? Young mothers in the 18-30 demographic, do they even know who their audience is? Epic fail. I knew that song was going to be in there, but singing it like a lullaby...really?!?

So I found the ones for the SECw...some are equally as awful as uf's (tenn still out front for the worst.)

auburn... 30 seconds of someone driving by with a cell phone quality camera and video taping toilet papered rolled the song "Oh What a Beautiful Morning," good lord, oh what a crappy quality, creative direction, music...this challenges tenn's awful video.

atm's...30 seconds of a ROTC guy in his room with a dog and a jizz jar...holy crap...finally the last 5 seconds something interesting happens and he runs the collie on the field during a game. The song was horrible, did the girl who wrote it go to atm or something, if so that could redeem it, but most of the video was feather soft and boring.

ole miss...they had a chance to have a good video. They featured The Grove, great shots of the people there, but the audio cut out after 6 seconds, that must have been some type of technical error, and they should be able to fix that. They could've show the stadium and other things, but it was really just The Grove. This could've been a decent video, but the low quality audio production killed it. of the better videos, definitely in the Top 3. They featured the live tiger on campus, but showed a lot of the other facilities and a gameday in the stadium. I even like the song they chose. Overall a quality commercial.

miss state...I'm torn here. It showcased their cheap redneck fans who were too cheap to buy tickets and pull up their trucks tot he fence, and they focused only on baseball (but they don't have an Natty's and only 1 runner up finish in their history....) They're trying to hard to sell themselves as a baseball school....Although, I think this video fits their fans perfectly.

arkansas...another decent video that will appeal to their fan base. It was an instuctional video on how to call the pigs. I like how the guy referenced that you could be in China or Russia and people would know what that call, no.

alabama...Good video, I might say it pushes lsu's out of that 3rd spot. Bryant's voice over shots of the campus and fans. Overall the production quality was really good. Bear Bryant is also more interesting than a tiger in a cage, so there's that. If that tiger would've been showing chasing and eating a deer, it would've won though.

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