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Default Re: Early Expectations for 2014, thoughts.

Originally Posted by Gamecocks1137 View Post
Spring ball has been over for almost half a month now, heading into the summer I am craving more Carolina Football, yet I know I have to wait.

Still, that doesn't mean we have to wait to speculate, and give our expectations for this years team, yardage predictions for players, and who will we beat and will we go to the SEC Title game.

So I am putting together our season schedule with what I think will be the outcome of games. You can chime in as well, would love to hear everyones opinion of our games, and who will be surprise teams this year.

Here are my predictions for the 2014 season.

1. Dylan Thompson passes for 3,000 yards, and has a 20+ Passing TD effort this year.

2. Mike Davis goes over 1200 yards rushing this year.

3. Roland and Byrd combine for 2000 yards receiving.

4. Elliot Fry will get even better and hit some 50 yard kicks this year.

5. Even without Clowney and Quarles, our D line will be dominate. (I credit this to the offenses not being able to scheme any particular player yet, because they don't know who to scheme for, so it becomes a free for all for the D line)

6. We have one All American LB in Skai Moore.

7. The young secondary improves big time halfway through our first game of the year. (A&M)

That was a breakdown of what I expect to happen with the team, now here are my game predictions.

1. Texas A&M (Carolina wins 27-17)
2. East Carolina (Carolina wins 44-10)
3. Georgia (Carolina wins 38-24)
4. Vandy (Carolina wins 52-7) *Their team collapses due to Franklin being gone.
5. Missouri (Carolina wins 34-28)
6. Kentucky (Carolina wins 55-20)
7. Furman (Carolina wins 77-10) Tie school record for points.
8. Auburn (Carolina wins in OT 31-28)
9. Tennessee (Carolina wins 35-21) Payback
10. Florida (Florida wins 28-24) Fluke Game, no SEC implications though.
11. South Alabama (Carolina wins 56-14)
12. Clemson (Carolina wins 44-21) Clemson lost more than they think.

SEC Championship Game *South Carolina vs Alabama (Carolina wins 31-20)

Whats your opinions?

We aren't the 2nd worst team on your schedule, not even close. I expect a dogfight in Columbia, this isn't the team you saw two years ago that didn't have an identity.
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