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Default Re: Texas A&M Scouting Report- From an Aggie (Long and Detailed)

Well, when you come to College Station in 2015, the place to be is Northgate on Friday night. It isn't really walking distance from the hotels, so either take a taxi from there or rent a house somewhere behind the Gate. The Dixie Chicken is a place you can go hear country music you haven't heard in years, eat cheese fries and drink beer. There are a number of bars and no matter what your style, you can find one that can facilitate. Irish pub, hip hop club, shot bar, or especially two stepping and checking out girls in boots. The new place for both food and drink is Chimy's, and that was Johnny's favorite place. Midnight Yell Practice is a must. You won't have any idea what's happening, but that only enhances the experience.

Tailgating is going to probably change a little bit once the Kyle Field renovation is complete. Spence Park I expect to still be around and the place to be. Our tailgate is over on the other side of the stadium and I would expect us to be able to retain that spot as well, but if anything changes I will let you know. Going to the quad to see the band and corps of cadets step off really enhances the gameday experience, or just waiting for them on the way to the stadium. The fraternity tailgates are over near the quad as of now and are a fun place to go as well, especially for cowboy boot and skirt watching (this is a look you guys will have to become accustomed to).

I desperately want to go to Columbia this year, but I'm starting a new job in May so the vacation hour situation remains to be seen. But I will certainly go eventually.
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