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Default Re: Help an Aggie out

If you are in college or recently graduated, then check out 5 Points, just be on your guard while you do (potential safety concerns, although they're overblown). For the in-college crowd I'd recommend Salty Nut and Pavlov's it's where the best looking sorority girls will be and it'll be open til the wee hours of the morning. You won't have to worry about any serious altercations, just an occasional drunken fraternity skirmish, nothing atypical. For the end of college or just-out-of-college crowd I'd recommend Jake's. That place avoids the riff-raff that plagues some locations in 5 Points.

Avoid a bar called The Library, it's where the thugs and hoodlums congregate. I'd also stay away from ConCocktions, Parrot Heads, and whatever else is located in/near the old run-down China Garden, loitering wannabe gangsters occasionally stand outside these places and start trouble.

If you're looking for a mid-20s and older crowd late night, head up to Nightcaps on Devine (it'll be open til sunrise). Bar None is also a great late night spot.

Otherwise, if you're looking to avoid the college-feel and looking for a mid-to-late 20s vibe and older, go to the Vista. Tin Roof in the Vista should have a good mix including some college-aged folks and 20-something year olds. That's probably the best place to go in the Vista for a college-aged person looking to have fun and (presumably) chase women. You could also hit up Flying Saucer and/or World of Beer for a more laid-back good beer atmosphere. Aside from that, there are some classy bars (Pearlz, Liberty, Thirsty Fellow, any restaurant/bar) that are nice but too much hell-raising would likely be frowned upon.

Go to Publick House on Devine St for wings or Pawleys Front Porch on Harden St for burgers. Try The Gourmet Shop for a great lunch.

Unfortunately I can't help you out on hotels because I haven't stayed in a hotel in Columbia since I was a kid in the 90s.

On game day, if you and your pals are trying to get wild, go to Morrison Memorial Lot on Andrews Road, it will be bonkers. For big games it will be out of control, I've had buddies from UGA who've traveled to all the conference schools say it was the greatest tailgate experience they've ever seen. Sadly I've aged out of Memorial, but I'll still wander over there for the big games just to blend in to the madhouse.

If you're looking for a more relaxed vibe, I'd suggest wandering through the Farmer's Market and chatting with tailgaters there. Carolina fans will be more than willing to welcome you to our tailgates.

Hope yall have a blast.
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