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Default Re: Official World Cup 2016 Thread

Couple of thoughts on the roster:

1. I'm glad that they went ahead and trimmed the roster. In fact, I was hoping we might do what some of the other teams like France did, and come straight out with the 24-man roster. The guys can now totally focus on training and preparing as a team to the best of their ability without having to keep looking over their shoulders and worrying about whether they are going to make the team or not.

2. I'm fine with Klinnsman going with a younger line-up. In all honesty, it's very unlikely that we will make it out of our group, so why not use this as a learning experience for the younger guys in preparation for Russia in 2018. Italy as used this approach in the past, and we all know how successful they've been in the World Cup. The England fans are practically begging Roy Hdgson to use this approach, as they find themselves in a situation similar to us where their chances of advancing out of their group are slim to none.
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